We liberate physicians and business owners from the burden of keeping personal finances in order. 

We are an independent fee-only and fiduciary wealth management firm helping clients, not middlemen, build wealth. 

  • Investment

  • Tax Mitigation

  • Asset Protection

  • Wealth Transfer

  • Business Succession

  • Charitable Gifting

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Driven by science.

Independent & Analytical 

Our investment approach is based on Nobel Prize winning research of Eugene Fama and the philosophy of David Swensen and Warren Buffet. In accordance with this approach, MZ Capital's first step in helping its clients begins with drafting a personal investment plan. The plan is then implemented with the best institutional asset-class funds.


Free 2nd Opinion Review

For many people, we find up to 1.5% in hidden costs with their current investments. Over 20 years that can mean 30% of your wealth. Let us empower you.


A focus on long term relationships.

Many of our clients are doctors or business owners.

They come to us because they want to be liberated from the burden of taking care of their finances. We serve as their personal CFO and family wealth guardian to help them address all areas of their finances.

We strive to help our clients accomplish many of their life-long goals. We do so, in part, by only accepting clients who are committed to a mutually beneficial long-term relationship.



Leading insights for physicians and entrepreneurs.


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Michael Zhuang, our Founder and Principal, is also an author of two books. Both have made respective Amazon Bestseller lists and are available for hard copy purchase on Amazon. You may also get the pdf version free below.


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