This book will change your life and finances for the better.
— Dr. David Chow, PAC Board Chairman Emeritus, Medical Society of Virginia

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The book will cover:

  • Macro Challenges

  • Personal Challenges

  • Cautionary Tales

  • The Pillars of Wealth Management

  • Investment Science

  • The Process of Wealth Management

  • How To Choose a Financial Advisor

You’ve worked hard for the privilege of practicing medicine. Now it’s time to protect and grow your well-earned wealth. Financial advisor Michael Zhuang understands the unique challenges facing physicians today. His concise, accessible guidebook can help you secure a healthy financial future for yourself and your loved ones.

Michael Zhuang, Founder MZ Capital

Michael Zhuang, Founder MZ Capital

Physician Wealth Management Made Easy

How to Build and Protect wealth in uncertain times

By Michael Zhuang